Tips to help ADHD affected children stop stealing and lying

One of the most common misbehavior associated with children who suffer from ADHD is that of stealing. The fact of the matter is that such children have the potential to act completely out of impulsiveness. What this means is that they act without even giving a thought to their actions. So whenever such a child comes across something that he likes, there is a good chance that he or she will pocket it, walk away with it or even put it in his or her mouth. Later on, when he or she gets a chance, they will look at it and in case they do not find it interesting anymore, they will just throw it away.

Another misbehavior that is commonly associated with children who suffer from children speech therapy dubai and world over is that they lie. This particularly holds true for instances when they are caught stealing. This is basically done by them as a means of protecting the things that they have stolen and to avoid being disciplined.  It is for this reason that lying and stealing typically go hand in hand for such children. However, it is necessary for parents of such children to avoid acting out rashly. Instead, they should stay calm.

There are multiple reasons why ADHD children tend to steal. A few of these are:

  • He might chew sweets, food or gum because he wants something to chew on. This is the reason why such children are typically found stealing gum from stores.
  • He takes shiny and glittery objects impulsively just because he likes them.
  • He wants to buy something, which is why he might steal money. This trait is most commonly found in older children who suffer from ADHD.

Be it lying or stealing, yelling, screaming or threatening your child is not going to do any good. It will do nothing to change his behavior. Instead, give him logical consequences. If he says he bought something, ask him for a receipt. If he does not have one, ask them to donate the item to charity or make them return it to lost and found. Also, make sure that your child has three meals and at least two snacks on a daily basis. Make sure that fruits are always available for him to snack on. If you are going out with your child, keep gum with you at all times in case he wants to chew on something. Try this and your child’s habits will surely get better.